All Productions Multi Camera - Show Off All Your Best Sides

Location Shooting

Scouting Your Locations With You

Well in advance of your shoot, we will go with you to inspect your locations and work closely with you to determine lighting requirements, camera angles, microphone placements, and other setup factors.

Typical Multiple Camera Setup

We bring at least three - often five - cameras to every shoot, along with state-of-the-art equipment for capturing perfect sound.

While the details depend on the nature of the production, we usually have two unmanned cameras shooting long shots and venue ambience, along with between one and three manually operated cameras shooting closeups and medium closeups. We use very high resolution 4K cameras.

We capture the sound using as many wired and wireless microphones as the occasion demands, and often take a feed or a recording from the venue's sound system for backup. We capture the sound on a state-of-the-art recorder.